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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Every gardeners worst enemy. I don't poison them because we have a few thrushes who use the rocks in the garden as anvils, but I do chuck them into next door's even if the BBC research suggests that they just keep coming back.


  1. I tend to throw mine at the wall at the back of the garden...

    I find the slugs are far worse though and living with a garden full of stone it's like a slug hotel out there!

  2. I probably should not laugh but the idea that you chuck snails over to the neighbors is hilarious.

  3. For some reason they seem less disgusting than slugs, maybe it's the shell...so handy for picking them up.

  4. We do not have damaging snails here, but we do have slugs, which I hate. Tossing them into the pond for the koi to eat gives me thrill I never tire of.

  5. I am quite fond of them although my garden is inundated by molluscs ~ fascinated by the idea of being able to carry your home on your back :)

  6. Aaaargggghhh!!!

    We have tightrope walking snails. You find them trampolining on the nets over the brassicas. I guess you are not the only gastropod chucker.