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Monday, 17 January 2011


The snow did some damage - as it went it brought down the wooden gutters from around the front bay window. I think wooden gutters are quite unusual even in Victorian houses. It was only round the bay - the rest of the original guttering, most of which has been replaced, was cast iron. I have decided to use it to edge the border in the front garden so that when I put some bark down the birds will not just chuck it all over the path. It is full of apple green moss with tiny rust coloured stalks peeking through. They provide a welcome bit of green so I'm leaving them in place.


  1. Moss is an amazing little grower. I actually love finding it yet not in the gutter.

  2. Maybe we could use moss as a seed germinating medium..

  3. Well you could line your hanging baskets with it?

  4. Good Morning! Hoping to see you back today for
    Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo