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....to some pictures and a little text in which we follow the activities of a barely competent gardener as he struggles to wrench back control of his patch from the forces of Mother Nature's feral twin sister.

Monday, 10 January 2011


I'd like Vincent Price doing the voice over for this post. Do you dare enter the Garden of Death ??? This young fox died behind my shed and his (or her) skull now resides in my herb beds. Don't worry that's as morbid as it gets - there aren't any more grim secrets waiting to emerge.

The snow may have gone but it is still frosty - and it is very windy. Today I had run out of shots for the blog and I had to get out with the camera, so I went mostly after things which are more or less stable and don't wave about in the breeze. So we might have a few days of gardem ornaments or big heavy pots.


  1. Back to the earth is a good thing when a critter meets with the grim reaper.

    Love the photo actually. All your photos are wonderful to see. Thanks for your visits to my blog. I appreciate your kind comments. Here's to staying warm over there and spring's arrival... soon. Meems @ Hoeandshovel.com

  2. nice shoot of pictures!