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....to some pictures and a little text in which we follow the activities of a barely competent gardener as he struggles to wrench back control of his patch from the forces of Mother Nature's feral twin sister.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


My garden walls are made of old brick which has lovely red and orange tones. The ivy comes fom the garden next door which belongs to a block of posh flats. Every year I have to cut the ivy back but it's a never ending battle. You can see the marks in the brick where I have pulled off previous years' growth. I think they look a bit like fossils in the brick.


  1. Beautiful colors and textures in this image. Your brick wall is lovely.

  2. This is the kind of photo I specially like.

    I like ivy too. It is overwhelming (and overwhelms) when it really gets going but spread out at this restrained stage, one is able to appreciate its beauty.

    I wish I had old bricks. The ones in my garden wall are modern and weep black tar.

    Esther Montgomery

  3. Lovely photo. Ivy sure is a battle to keep under control, I do like it all the same.

  4. The dark green ivy against your red brick wall makes a great picture, though it reminds me of an old castle in the woods.

  5. Brick and ivy are a classic combination but I feel you pain with the pruning chores.

  6. I love ivy and wish it grew outside here!!! I have been looking around in your wonderful blog here and am enjoying every moment!
    You have a very beautiful garden here and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to link in with some photos...either current or past (during the dormant seasons) to Flaunt Your Flowers on Friday with me. Many absolutely gorgeous gardens participate in this party, and yours would be a welcome visit for them all to make!
    I have enjoyed my visit here today...happy gardening!

  7. I love that fossilled look on your brick wall. It's so natural. I wish I have one too.