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Saturday, 8 January 2011


Berberis but I've no idea what variety other than that this is an evil plant which has fed on my blood for several years and I would dig it out if I wasn't so scared of it.

If anyone out there is a fan of Kipling they may remember the Kolokolo bird sitting on to of the Wait A Bit Throrn Bush. This is that bush.


  1. oh, my that is a thorny plant...i'd be afraid too! lol

  2. Great and appropriately blood red photo!

  3. Beautiful photo - I like the letterbox format you use for your blog. Berberis are viscious plants, useful if you want to deter burglars but a pain - literally and metaphorically - to prune...

  4. Lost many a football to a badly located burberis purpura as a kid. Now favour B. Darwinii for (nearly) all the year round interest (flowers and berries)